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KIWO predstavlja s svojo linijo čistil za elektroniko nemško kakovost in tradicijo. Čistila so učinkovita in varno ter primerna tako za ročno kot za avtomatsko čiščenje v strojih.

KIWO Čistilne krpe

Easy handling

  • ready to use
  • easy to take out
  • practical packaging – low risk of drying out
  • re-sealable

CleanWipes are available in 4 versions:

KIWO CleanWipes EL 7660
Cleans misprints, stencils, squeegees, tools and machine parts from SMD adhesives, solder pastes, solder resists etc. Good dissolving power, slow drying.

KIWO CleanWipes EL 7860 IPA
Clean pastes, glues and other contamination swiftly and without residue from work tables, machine parts, stencils and tools. Fast drying.

KIWO CleanWipes EL 7960 UNI
Removes most diverse contamination from sensitive metal or plastic surfaces. Mild cleaner with good drying properties.

KIWO CleanWipes EL 8160
Water-based, 1-phase medium which removes printing pastes from stencils, misprints, squeegees and tools. Pleasant odour.

The original box contains 12 dispensers with 60 wipes each.

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